Are the escape rooms scary?

Shiner Beer Escape is NOT scary. Cellblock D Escape is a little dark and suspenseful but not particularly scary. Evil Roy’s Dark Mind is creepy and CAN be scary for children. If you want the NON-SCARY version of Evil Roy, you should ask for it BEFORE the game starts. Stash House Escape is not scary but the theme is about illegal drugs so parental discretion is advised.

How much does it cost to play a game?

$28 per person plus tax = $29.75

Do you have group discounts?

Unfortunately, we were forced to discontinue offering discounts for large groups because it requires calling in additional staff to run simultaneous games. Payroll and other overhead costs simply made it economically unsustainable. Thank you for understanding.

Is there an age limit?

Our normal policy is that guests under 16​ REQUIRE an adult to be present in the room while playing. We don't have an age limit for children participating, but it really depends on their level of maturity as to whether they should play. A mature, responsible 10 or 12-year old may be just fine, but an immature 14-year old may not be. We have had kids play as young as 7 and they had a great time, although children that young may not fully understand the entire concept. It's really up to a parent or guardian to make that call. (Interesting fact: So far, our oldest player was 83.)

When should we arrive to play a game?

It's important that all the members of your group arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled start time. We need to brief you before the game starts.

What happens if i arrive late?

If you arrive after the game has started, we may not be able to allow you in because it would likely disrupt the game for the other players and make rescheduling very difficult. There are NO REFUNDS for late arrivals or no-shows.

How many people can play a game?

Stash House, Shiner Escape and Evil Roy’s Dark Mind can accommodate up to 6 players. Cellblock D Escape is designed for up to 4 players.  (NOTE: We can make exceptions to the “Maximum Number” in certain cases such as close friends or family.) Due to the nature of the games, they ALL require at least 2 players to participate and Stash House requires a minimum of 3 people.

Will I be playing the game with strangers?

Generally, "no", although it can sometimes happen if there are less than the maximum people booked for a particular game. (Example: You and a friend book a game and before the game starts, two others book the same game. If it happens, it's not a bad thing. You may benefit from the other players or even make a new friend. If you are totally against the possibility of playing with strangers, you may book all the remaining seats so it will be a "private" game.)

Currently, due to Covid-19, ALL our games are now PRIVATE. There will be no other persons in the building during your PRIVATE game.

Will I actually be locked in the room?

Our games have emergency exit doors that are NOT locked. You can leave a game at any time but the timer will continue to count down for the remaining players.

Are there any physical requirements to play?

Escape games by their nature require a moderate amount of physical dexterity and stamina which means players need to be able to stand, walk, bend, crawl, see and hear. Anyone with a serious medical condition or mental disorder should NOT participate without consulting a qualified physician or health professional.

Do you have parking available?

Yes! We have plenty of free parking available for our guests. (Note: our customer parking area is in the back of the building.)

Do you accept walk-ins?

Sorry, we no longer accept walk-ins. All games must be booked in advance. You can send a TEXT to 361-293-8655 and inquire about whether your group can play a game with less than the 3 hours advance notice. We will respond and let you know if we can make it happen.


We may be interested in hiring part-time Gamemasters that are friendly, responsible, dependable and willing to work various hours, including most weekends. It's a fun job, but it requires a detail-oriented person who is comfortable interacting with the public. Gamemasters currently work on an "On-Call" (as needed) basis.


Certainly, just send an email to If you have a question that is of an urgent nature, you can TEXT us at 361-293-8655.


Shiner Escape Rooms was created for the purpose of bringing a unique form of entertainment to our rural community. No longer do you need to drive hundreds of miles to the big city for this kind of venue. Our room themes are designed to be light hearted and fun while still being challenging.

COViD 19 Coronavirus info:

Until this pandemic is over, we encourage ALL players to wash their hands before and after playing an Escape Room game and wear a mask or face covering if they choose. we are taking extra precautions by limiting games to one at a  time instead of running multiple simultaneous and we have schedule additional time between games so that we can adequately clean and disinfect major game playing surfaces. If you have a fever or feel sick, you should NOT participate in a game. (We can reschedule the game for you at a later time when your health situation has improved.) We are doing everything we can to minimize any risk or to the virus, but everyone needs to take personal responsibility and do their part also. If you still have questions or concerns, please send a TEXT to 361-293-8655 or email to and we will do our best to respond appropriately. 

What is an Escape Room?

An Escape Room, also known as an "escape game", is a mental and physical adventure game in which players solve a series of puzzles and riddles using clues, hints, and strategy to complete the objectives and escape. Escape rooms may consist of a single room, or span multiple rooms. Players are given a set time limit to unveil the secret plot or complete a mission. If you've never done one, it's a totally different experience than almost anything else. Some people have described it as playing a video game but in real life. You are locked in a room for 60 minutes and must use that time to figure out how to escape. The rooms have hidden objects, clues and puzzles that require your attention if you want to escape. It's an adventure filled with intrigue and YOU are living it!


Our address is 1148 Highway 95N, Shiner, Texas 77984. (Note: Google Maps or GPS may be inaccurate.) If you can find Spoetzl Brewery (Home of Shiner Beer) on Highway 95, we are located a half-mile North of the brewery.


*BY APPOINTMENT ONLY* Generally, games are available from 7 days a week but require booking online at least 3 HOURS IN ADVANCE​. Click on the "See Schedule" button to see a complete schedule of upcoming games. If you are unable to complete the booking process online, you may send a TEXT to 361-293-8655. Please tell us which game and what time you are wanting to schedule. We will reply back and let you know if we can accommodate your request.​​

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