Cellblock D Escape: 

4-6 Players

Challenge Level: Medium to Hard

Players start the game in handcuffs

Ever been in the wrong place at the wrong time?  Welcome to Cellblock D.

Your “crime” was crossing paths with a corrupt lawman who has plans for you.  Let’s just say that it’s highly unlikely you’ll be posting bond to get out.  Consider yourself fortunate if you have cellmates because it’s going to take some clever ideas to figure out how to escape.  You may be wondering what the “D” in Cellblock D stands for.  It could be “Dull”, “Dark”, “Dingy” or “Dreary” and those would all be appropriate descriptions of your jail cell, but the “D” stands for something worse than any of those.  You’ll find out if you fail in your escape attempt.  You know, this whole ordeal could have been avoided if you hadn’t been pulled over for speeding…just sayin’.